Never Let It Get You Down

It was in spring when scottish singer Kate Cassidy came up with this positive slogan and I decided this had to be turned into music. Within just two sunny days Kate came up with the lyrics and layed them down with impeccable sensibility and performance. Kai Eckhardt from California played the bass. German singer Natalie JCB provided the backing vocals and took the part of the actress in the corresponding video, which was filmed on location in Frankfurt and the nearby countryside. The guitar tracks were recorded using a 1982 Les Paul through a H&K Tubemeister 36 combo. If you like what you see and hear, don't hesitate to leave comments and ratings:



After the surprising success of my vintage-guitar-demos and lots of internet users demanding more, I was approached by german luthier Mathias Schindeh├╝tte to demo one of his new guitar models of the "Zeitgeist"-series. What can be better to get fine handcrafted instruments delivered to your doorstep and share their unique features and sounds together with video viewers and musicians around the world - I said to myself...

New Song Release

The guitar instrumental "A Day In May" is a rather quiet and emotional journey into spring.

Sono-Guide: Mike Burn Prototype guitar by Schindeh├╝tte through a H&K Tubemeister 36.


New Collaboration Song Release

In the latest collaboration Mike arranged and added instrumentation to the song "On Top Of The World" by german singer Natalie JCB: